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UOVOXVVG Play | 台灣菜,如何向世界展演台灣飲食文化?




How does Taiwanese food taste ? How to address Taiwanese food ? How to show the connotation of Taiwanese food? - Food culture is embedded in Taiwanese' daily life, and understanding the "connotation" of Taiwanese food is key issue to be sorted out, UOVO address the "authentic" Taiwanese food presented in the timeline of Taiwan's social history,

Through "food design", and from the perspective of "experience", we read the Taiwanese literature, and taste the taste of Taiwan in one bite.

We try to make "Taiwanese Food" not only a market commodity, but a cultural category in which the concept of a nation is embodied in daily life, and finds the real taste of Taiwan that Taiwanese don’t know.

協力夥伴:VVG Play / 臺中國家歌劇院

Photo Credit: 黃若潔

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